The B-36 Peacemaker Museum is Restoring this Truck


1954 American LaFrance Crash Truck

This Crash Truck was Willed to Bob by Denny Darnel and he gave it to the "B-36 Peacemaker Museum."  It is now being restored.

It was the first fire truck built to fight Aircraft Fire's only.


This is what the truck will look like when it is completed.


This is what the crash truck looked like the first time Bob saw it. Denny Darnel owned it and had been restoring it for 40 years. Denny and Bob became good friends and he would go to Denny's farm and look at the progress of the restoration. It was to far to the farm for Bob to help. Denny died of cancer seven years after they met. A year after Denny died, his sister asked Bob if he wanted to come out and look at the truck. Bob went out to the farm and that is when he was told that Denny had willed it to him. Bob gave the crash truck to the B-36 Peacemaker Museum and that is where it is now being restored.


This video is of "Big Red" moving to the Museum in Fort Worth, and her restoration.


Big  Red  has a new set of tire, all new seats, new windows and a rebuild drive train.  Now we need to get her painted.

Please come see her at the Fort Worth Aviation Museum, Meacham International Airport that we are a part of.

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