History of The Yellow Fire Truck bob@yellowfiretruck.com


Bob takes kids for rides in the Yellow Fire Truck.


Bob was a  U.S. U.S. Air Force Fire Fighter.


Bob bought the Yellow Fire Truck in 2008 and started restoring her.  Bob has given Birthday Party's, Wedding, Parades, and takes the Yellow Fire Truck to schools and teaches Fire Safety. This photo is from a movie the Yellow Fire Truck and Bob were in.


I found the Yellow Fire Truck on the Internet.  She was being auctioned off that day in San Antonio The photo they were showing was taken while she was still on duty in the Fire Station.


She looked very good so I bid on her. The next morning they called me and said please send a cashiers check as you now own the Yellow Fire Truck. I asked were do I go to pick her up. They said she was being stored in Houston, Texas.


I went to Houston and found her in the weeds and she had been there for three years. I drove her home to Fort Worth and started working on her and after four years this is what the Yellow Fire Truck looked like.